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Contracts & Tenders

Ports North holds efficient and competitive pricing amongst its integral facets of operation. To ensure that these values are engaged in business transactions and to achieve optimum workload capacity, competitive tenders can now be accessed by relevant industry participants via the Internet.

This site provides businesses with access to the available tenders/EOI’s and the related details surrounding each opportunity. Interest in any tender documents can be registered on this site which will allow you to preview and download current documents.

Procurement Process:

You can register your interest for a particular tender via this site.Once your application of interest is received by Ports North you will be able to preview and download current tenders.  Any supplementary information about the tender will then be forwarded to you.

Tendering for the Works Disclaimer:

The original download of a tender document alone is not accepted as an expression of interest. To fully register you must provide your full details on the electronic form provided. This is for recording purposes and once completed, any remaining sections of the tender document will be forwarded to you.



Contact Us:

Address:   Cnr Grafton & Hartley Streets, Cairns QLD Australia 4870

Postal:      PO Box 594, Cairns QLD Australia 4870

Phone:     + 61 7 4052 3888

Fax:         + 61 7 4052 3853

Email:       enquiries@portsnorth.com.au

Website:   www.portsnorth.com.au

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