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Corporate Governance

The Board of Ports North has primary responsibility to shareholding Ministers to establish strategic direction, pursue established corporate objectives and monitor business performance. The Board recognises the importance of applying best practice corporate governance principles in fulfilling this responsibility and has committed to the highest level of integrity in the conduct of its operations. To satisfy this commitment, the Board has adopted a Directors and Senior Executives Code of Conduct and has further set out expectations of Ports North employees and others with whom Ports North has transacted business or continues to transact business in a Code of Employee Conduct.


Board of Directors

Russell Beer
Independent Director



Sharon Dawson
Independent Director
Deputy Chairperson
Chairperson, Human Resources Committee




Michael Huelin
Independent Director



Victoria Cuda
Independent Director



Tony Baker
Independent Director



Vanessa Maruna
Independent Director



Risk Management & Compliance

Ports North has in place processes to identify, assess and manage risks to its operations to minimise the impact of unplanned events. This approach is articulated in its Risk Management Policy and Risk Management Framework which also provides for structured risk assessments to be undertaken and the development of risk treatment plans.

The Audit and Risk Committee oversees the implementation of the Risk Management and Internal Control Policy and Risk Management Framework and a strong internal control environment to protect Ports North’s interests. Safety and Environmental Management Frameworks, Financial Risks Policy, Fraud Control and Corruption Policy and Security and Emergency Plans address the associated specific risks.



Director remuneration is affected by the provisions of the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993.

Executive remuneration is approved by the Board in accordance with the Government shareholder guideline.

Remuneration policies for management and staff are overseen by the Human Resources Committee which operates under the Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference.

Ports North’s remuneration policies provide for a strategy that balances the needs of the organisation, individuals and shareholders. Policies recognise the need to contain costs to Ports North and optimise the return on Ports North’s investment in its people.


Board Committees

To increase its effectiveness the Board has established an Audit and Risk Committee, and a Human Resources Committee, each with terms of reference approved by the Board. Committee minutes are included in the papers for the next Board meeting and the Director chairing the Committee reports to the Board on matters addressed by the Committee.

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